Yellowstone Safari Park

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— A self-guided safari park drive with animals visible close up —

yellowstone Safari park 

Look Wild in the eyes

No vacation to Yellowstone is complete until you experience the wild, untamed, majestic eyes of wolves, bear, fox, bison, elk and deer at Yellowstone Safari Park.

Now Open

9AM-6PM Monday – Saturday, including Holidays.

Sunday by appointment only at 208-356-7600

Yellowstone Safari Park opened the 2024 Season with a few new features.

Feed the golden, blue and rainbow trout from a new bridge spanning the pond.

Pet and feed young farm animals in the new animal interaction place, and see our wolf and fox pups.

Experience Animals Close Up

Most of these animals are elusive, and very hard to see in the wild – let alone up close. But, at the Yellowstone Safari Park, you WILL see them in a natural environment setting! You can experience the rare white wolf as well as the singular white buffalo revered by Native Americans here at Yellowstone Safari Park. This is a predictable viewing encounter that eliminates the disappointment of not seeing these animals in the wild.

Foxes, wolves and bears are difficult to see let alone up close and personal, but at Yellowstone Safari Park you will not only see these hard-to-find animals within viewing distance – you will see them in proximity. You may even see or hear a sizable wolf pack howl, assert pack behavior, and possibly spot assertions of dominance by the alpha male and female. The mystique of a real wolf pack is on full display at Yellowstone Safari Park.

HIGH quality care

Quality nutrition and utmost care of our animals is of highest priority to us.  In addition to regular checks of licensed veterinarians, we maintain a constant attention to our animals ensuring animal health is not only maintained – it is optimized.  An abundant life with fresh food, fresh water, shelter and space for recreation is found for Yellowstone Safari Park animals.  


Nowhere in the world will you see the variety in the red fox family like you will experience at Yellowstone Safari Park – and we mean NOWHERE!  You have to come see it to believe it! Colors from extraordinary recessive genes, rare to ever find in the wild and even more rare to actually see, are on full display at Yellowstone Safari Park with jaw dropping fox colors. Literally saved from near extinction, Yellowstone Safari Park – the game ranch of all game ranches – is here to preserve a national and even international treasure of fox! While fox in the wild live three to four years on average, Yellowstone Safari Park fox have average life expectancy double of that in the wild.

Come be mesmerized by fox like you have never and will never experience anywhere else the world over!


Stunning Location - Yellowstone Safari Park is located minutes off exit 337 on Highway 20, Rexburg, Idaho. If you miss the recommended exit – no problem. You can take any of the five exits for Rexburg or Sugar City (one for Teton Valley & Jackson Hole) and be within 10 minutes or less (approx. 6 miles at the greatest distance from any of the five exits) of beautiful Yellowstone Safari Park which lies adjacent to the gorgeous, meandering North fork of the Teton River (which originates from the Grand Teton mountain range).

Our Commitment - We are committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones enjoy a meaningfully memorable experience you’ll recall for a lifetime while experiencing a self-safari drive in Yellowstone Safari Park. We are a family run farm, we love animals, and we love to care for them in an attentive, complete and caring way. We invite you to share with us what we treasure – animals found in and around Yellowstone National Park right on our land we consider a patch of agricultural heaven! Not only is our game ranch far beyond special in its own right, but when you see the land on which it sits with streams running through it and a branch of the famous Teton River – you will experience national treasures of animals and natural landscapes all in one!

Our History - 2023 is Yellowstone Safari Park’s Grand Opening Fall Season! Multiple years of work and preparations and absolutely unbelievable efforts have gone into every last aspect of what you will experience. Be some of the first to experience what many have anticipated for years to see for themselves. And a few surprises will be in store for this and coming seasons.

Enjoy Family Time

Memorable family moments are fleeting and they often happen in unexpected moments.

We have gone to exceptional lengths to create a space for just you and any family large or small, old or young, to see, feel and enjoy an animal experience that is truly singular and without comparison. We hope to leave all who come with unforgettable memories of beautiful, well-cared for animals that were beyond a wonder to behold up-close.

In addition to the geysers, hot pots, and amazing vistas for visitors to experience in nearby Yellowstone, most people go to see the wild animals and all too often, they miss the chance to see the animals they hope to see up close. The pinnacle of Game Ranches – Yellowstone Safari Park has you covered! Any visit to this part of the world – whether your destination is Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole, just passing by or even living in this beautiful area is diminished without the Yellowstone Safari Park experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is much to experience at the Yellowstone Safari Park. Here are some typical questions.

Yellowstone Safari Park is on agricultural ground and continues as a production farm of both animals and crops. One element of Yellowstone Safari Park’s agribusiness is the invitation for visitors to see animals up-close that are treasured by our family and that, in many instances, are elusive and very difficult to ever see. Our game ranch is NOT a hunting game ranch (hunting is NOT allowed) but is rather a game ranch that invites you to see beauty in Yellowstone animals and natural ambiance that is extraordinary. 

Visits through the park will take approximately 30 minutes with your time at Yellowstone Safari Park depending largely on whether you desire to enjoy free re-entry (Monday thru Saturday during gate-open hours) once you enter the first time on the self-guided safari drive into Yellowstone Safari Park. If you decide to park and feed Rainbow Trout (in three different color varieties – yellow, blue & standard) or enjoy other aspects of the game ranch, or wish to see other animals that are available to see via walk thru of the barn area (these are coming soon), then you can experience for longer durations – that is up to you for the choosing.

Picture taking possibilities are found throughout. The variety of photos with the numerous animals at Yellowstone Safari Park will provide ample opportunities to capture memories of a lifetime. We will also run contests on our social accounts. So tag us and compete to see if your picture might be chosen as the winner of the week/month/year. 

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