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— A self-guided safari park drive with animals visible close up —

Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much to experience at the Yellowstone Safari Park. Here are some of the most typical questions.

Yellowstone Safari Park is on agricultural ground and continues as a production farm of both animals and crops. One element of Yellowstone Safari Park’s agribusiness is the invitation for visitors to see animals up-close that are treasured by our family and that, in many instances, are elusive and very difficult to ever see. Our game ranch is NOT a hunting game ranch (hunting is NOT allowed) but is rather a game ranch that invites you to see beauty in Yellowstone animals and natural ambiance that is extraordinary.   

Visits through the park will take approximately 30 minutes with your time at Yellowstone Safari Park depending largely on whether you desire to enjoy free re-entry (Monday thru Saturday during gate-open hours) once you enter the first time on the self-guided safari drive into Yellowstone Safari Park. If you decide to park and feed Rainbow Trout (in three different color varieties – yellow, blue & standard) or enjoy other aspects of the game ranch, or wish to see other animals that are available to see via walk thru of the barn area (these are coming soon), then you can experience for longer durations – that is up to you for the choosing.

Picture taking possibilities are found throughout. The variety of photos with the numerous animals at Yellowstone Safari Park will provide ample opportunities to capture memories of a lifetime. We will also run contests on our social accounts. So tag us and compete to see if your picture might be chosen as the winner of the week/month/year. 

There are signs throughout the park indicating animal areas. Additional audio details and a guided experience are in the planning.

We have a wolf pack with more than a dozen wolves.  You just may experience the manifestation of natural wolf behavior against other wolves in the pack as the hierarchy within the pack is in constant display.  If you see aggression by one wolf to another, this is common behavior in a wolf pack as status in the hierarchy is asserted daily.  Our fox are better seen than told about.  We can only say that not only is what you will find at Yellowstone Safari Park rare, it is nowhere to be found anywhere else (that we know of) the globe! 

All animals at Yellowstone Safari Park we possess in compliance with all state and federal regulations. None of Yellowstone Safari Park animals have been taken captive from the wild.  

Because this is a self-guided safari drive, you must keep all vehicle doors and windows closed at all times. We take every precaution to protect you and our animals.  There is absolutely NO FEEDING of the animals on the safari drive allowed.  Not only is this against game ranch rules, but this is NOT safe for anyone visiting nor is it safe for our animals.  Some may visit with on-board pets.  If a family pet ever had an open window or door and left the confines of an enclosed vehicle, the game ranch takes no liability whatsoever on such carelessness or possible animal death or injury.  Please review the terms & conditions of Yellowstone Safari Park for the extent of rules to ensure safety and welcome attendance. 

Sunday visits are by appointment only (please call to schedule). While Sunday visits are more personalized, free re-entry is not available on Sunday visits.  

Yes, you can bring your own food into the park within your car.  Food must be for your own consumption – feeding of the animals is NOT permitted aside from feeding the fish from the fish food coin dispenser provided for visitors. 

The fish feeding is available only during the season when air temperatures are above freezing. After that, fish feeding is no longer available because we have moved the fish to their winter home for protection from the cold. 

This experience is unique, allowing you to see wild animals up close while they live their best lives in natural environments. You will see animals here that you won’t see in any visit to Yellowstone National Park no matter how many times you may visit there nor how vast your coverage of the millions of acres in Yellowstone National Park.

We take great pride in the health and care of our animals. The environment our animals live in is carefully maintained. Nutrition and availability of fresh water to every animal is a priority. Costly and enormous lengths have been pursued to provide fresh water to our animals. All pawed animals (fox, wolf & bear) have been trained to drink from spigots (activated by the mere touch of their mouth). These spigots have constantly flowing cool, fresh water no matter the weather temperature or conditions. Additionally, backup power helps protect all systems in constant function. Cameras throughout Yellowstone Safari Park for animal monitoring and other attention have been carefully placed. Unfailing attention to all aspects of animal care and details of every facet is a hallmark of Yellowstone Safari Park.  

Children will remember this experience forever as they experience ‘wild in the eyes’ for themselves. These are wild animals with instinctive behaviors that you can see up close. The awe inspiring wolves and foxes with their full winter coats is a memorable and priceless beauty.  The experience will leave kids mesmerized by the variety, quantity and magnificence of what they will experience.

Visit us in the morning, afternoon or evening. We are open from sometime from April until sometime late year – perhaps until as late as mid-December (weather permitting). If you are visiting Yellowstone National Park, visit us before or after. Whether you see Yellowstone animals visiting Yellowstone or not, you will see something at Yellowstone Safari Park that will not only fill the gap in seeing animals – you will be mesmerized by the scope of Yellowstone animals available for your ‘wild in the eyes’ view here at our animal preserve.  

When you pay for entry, you agree to the terms and conditions posted here on our website. No additional signatures are needed.

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